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    IPMI on x4140/x4240


      I'm having trouble enabling IPMI over lan on a number of the above systems.


      The documentation: Server Management Using IPMI

      ...gives two options for enabling IPMI over lan - either ssh to the ILOM and then running 'set /SP/services/ipmi servicestate=enabled', or via navigating to the IPMI tab under Configuration -> System Management.


      I have two issues - the first being that the ILOM shell command returns the following:


      -> set /SP/services/

      http                    https                   servicetag             

      snmp                    ssh                     sso                    


      -> set /SP/services/ipmi servicestate=enabled

      set: Invalid target /SP/services/ipmi


      Second, the ILOM web interface only has the following configuration tabs: 'ssh', 'snmp', 'ssl certificate' and 'web'. There is no 'ipmi' tab.

      As a result I cannot retrieve any metrics or sensor reading from these systems using ipmitool over lan. The only option I've got is to pull it over ssh.


      Is this normal behaviour? All the other older X-series kit I've got (X4100 and X4100M2) just do ipmi over lan out of the box.

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          Some more information:


          On the x4240 at the ilom prompt there appears to be nothing under the /SYS folder - so I see things like this:


          show -o table -level all /SYS

          Target              | Property               | Value                          





          On some of the x4140 systems there are entries in the /SYS folder, and I can enumerate the sensors and components:


          -> show -o table -level all /SYS

          Target              | Property               | Value                          


          /SYS                | type                   | Host System                    

          /SYS                | chassis_name           | SUN FIRE X4140                 

          /SYS                | chassis_part_number    | 540-7546-01



          But the entries and properties are not consistent, for example one server has a full complement of Properties (part numbers, fru codes etc), whereas another only has two properties under /SYS - type and power_state.


          None of the machines have an 'ipmi' entry under /SP/services/.


          At this point I think the only option I have is to try a complete power-off of one of the machines to see if the ilom recovers.

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            Aaron X86-Oracle



            Sometimes older versions of ILOM are attacked by known "memory leaks"

            Check if the ILOM used is the latest.

            Also it can be due to the ILOM being "stuck" or "hang" state.


            The ipmi folder is there, i just checked , and you can enable-disable the service just fine.

            i notice a typo , -> set /SP/services/ipmi/servicestate=enabled you missed a slash.

            and you can always go inside that folder /SP/services/ ipmi and do it from there.


            Now, Have you rebooted the server in the past year?

            if not do so, its known that servers running for too many months without rebooting can cause the ILOM to hang.

            have you done a firmware upgrade?

            if not, try updating to the same level you are at or latest if able.


            If the FW upgrade failed, you can have a bad FW image working and thats why you have missing information on the webgui.


            Let me know if it helps