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    Embed an external URL within an apex page.



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      Hi Everyone,


        I need to create a new page under a new tab in my existing application where when the user clicks on the tab, the page shows another application (As thought its embedded) in that page. So I tried the following - > Under security changed the security to extended, allow frames. Then I selected the new page option -> URL ->  entered a https:/url within our organisation which opens when directly opened. But when I run the page, I get a "TNS Connection timed out error". I then deleted that region, added a new html region with iframe


        <iframe id="co"  src="https://wewew.com"  width="100%" height="800">



      this time the page ran but see "Not available" white page


      I also tried just having the url as www.google.com and the same error.


      Any idea what could the issue be?