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    Custom adapter and Webservice


      Hello all,


      I am nearly new to OEP and I just cannot find a solution to do that what I want. But I am nearly sure it should be possible.



      I have a webservice running on a Weblogic application server and I would like to send data to OEP using this webservice.


      So let's say that I have a method sendData(Object), each time a client will run this method, I would like to map this new Object to the OEP flow.


      The only way I have found to achieve this, is to store Object in the webservice memory. And then declare a custom adapter in OEP containing a thread that will keep consuming the webservice (getData). But I really do not like that. That means that the thread will keep reading even if there are no data.


      How can I do to make OEP custom adapter wait for data, and only read when the webservice sendData method is used??


      I also know that I can use my webservice to write the object into a JMS and use the OEP JMS adapter, but I would like to avoid this solution.


      Help would be really appreciate.



      Thanks in advance.