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    Identify a user in a mobile app




      I created a mobile app with one page and a report region. Do I have an "easy" way to identify the user that is connected with my app without login-process? The report should show some figures for the current user, but this are no secret data.


      I know, with a login-process I have the username. But the reason for the mobile app is, that the user can access this with a shortcut on the mobile phone and do not have to put in the login credentials.




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          Create a public page and on first attempt to access that means if F_APP_USER is null prompt for username, store that value into a cookie


          After that you can derive the value from cookie and set into the F_APP_USER


          In case user clears the cookie- the page will prompt for username

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            I started a small app to test this.


            On the first page I have a text-item and a button. After the button is pressed the value of the text-item should be saved in the cookie. Here are the process for that:



               owa_util.mime_header('text/html', FALSE);



                  value=> :P1_USERNAME,

                  expires => sysdate + 365);



               when others then




            But if I look in the chrome developer console I can not see this cookie. Whats wrong?

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              Are you sure if the process is triggered?? what is the process point?


              Set it to before header and make sure the session state of the page item remains once the page is submitted.