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    Autofilling a form


      I am developing a mobile app and I need a way to autofill the form.

      I created a form, and currently its empty, but I want it to always show latest entry from database.

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          There are several ways for that, depending on your form and the database columns that the form fields refer to. If you have a wizrd created form on a table, then you can create an automated row fetch process. You'd only have to set the field for your primary key/id column to the most recent value of your table. You can do that by changing the source type of that field from database column to sql query, where in the query you select the most recent value. (not tested so don't shoot me)


          Another option is to create a page load process in which you can define a procedure that first fetches the latest entries from your table and then sets the form fields using APEX_UTIL.SET_SESSION_STATE.