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    Concurrent Manager(s) stop working suddenly


      Hello friends;


      We are having a problem on production server, today the concurrent managers suddenly stopped working. We restarted them and log file came with following errors:

      Found dead process: spid=(18790), cpid=(1734302), ORA pid=(27), manager=(802/6268)


      I checked alert.log and it has some following entries at same time when the error occurred:

      Fatal NI connect error 12170.

      Thu Feb 20 10:27:27 2014


      Fatal NI connect error 12537, connecting to:



          nt OS err code: 0

      ORA-609 : opiodr aborting process unknown ospid (29226_8410816)

      ORA-609 : opiodr aborting process unknown ospid (29224_9930432)



      I've uploaded today's extract of alert.log and managers log file:


      EBS 12.1.1, DB, RHEL 5.


      Thanks and Regards


      Aneel Ahmed