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    ZFS storage's snapshot size checking method


      Dear All.


      My CU using ZFS7420 Storage for their exadata db backup and I want to know the snapshot size exactly.

      I used to check available pool size and snapshot size via below method.

      They taken snapshot daily after db backup automatically, project base snapshot taken(Not per volumes)


      1. Shares -> Projects Usages on ZFS WEB GUI.

      I Can show the bleow informaion on Usages tab.

      Usage  60% of 25TB

      Referenced data        10T

      Snapshot data           5T

      Total space                15T

      df -h command display that on nfs mounted host was not strange.

      Available size is 10TB remains.


      2. My quesiton is in Project's snapshot list pages.(Shares ->  Projects -> Snapshots)

      They have a 7 snapshot(1~7) and each snapshot entry has below list.


      Upper 7 snapshot has UNIQUE size each and I assume the sum of all snapshot's UNIQUE size is 5T.

      But, sum of all snapshot's UNIZUE size is just around 2T.

      I guess that Snapshot data(5TB) is not a sum of each snapshot's unique size, right?

      I would appreciate if could let me know what is the meaning of UNIQUE size of snapshot?

      And, Is it only way to check the all snapshot size using Shares->Project Usages tab?

      Is is possible to check the specific snapshot's size(Not all snapshot sum size)?


      I'll be looking forward to your reply.

      Thanks advanced.