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    I need to have a discount on a PO not from advance pricing


      I need to apply a discount on a PO and  do not want to use advance pricing

      how can I do that?

      is there any workaround?

      any small customization?

      just I need to enter the list price and the discount and get the final net price

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          Hi Alemand,


          This is a most common requirement raised by many customers, please note the following points

          a) A PO is not a negotiation document, its a document authorizing supply of goods at the agreed priced. Hence rationally there cannot be a discount on a PO

          b) In case the buyer feels the necessity to showcase the savings achieved by him, he may use the "Market Price" field to enter the Pre-negotiated price of the item.

          c) At the end of the quarter, you may run a report called "Savings by Buyer" which will highlight the cumulative discounts achieved by the buyer.


          If still need be, create a DFF at header level called discount percentage, on entering a value, decrement all prices uniformly across items using a custom pl/sql procedure.