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    SV: Globalvariable not picked-up from Page Dimension at Composite Data Form



      I have a composite data form with 2 simple data forms on tabs. The two data forms have 2 dimensions on their page.

      There is one Calculation Manager Rule is attached. This has two variables for the page dimensions. On the composite data form the options Run upon save, Use members on data form, hide variables are selected, A user makes a selection on the page dimensions and gives some data. The calculation manager rule picks the variables from the page and all gets calculated.


      BUT this does not work in SmartView. The Web Brouwser is fine, but in the SmartView, the default members for the variables are taken. The variables are also not hidden (thank god, otherwise it would have been a even larger task to find out what happens).

      Tried a rebuild of the form and changes at various places. The Rule works on a simple form with the same variables. etc.




      Did somebody come across this issue?

      It is only SmartView.


      Philip Hulsebosch.