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    Sql Data Modeler is unable to load schema tables




      I am using SQLDev DM


      I am doing some reverse engeneering  on a database schema owning 411 tables.


      for the first 200 every things went OK 100 by 100. Between 200 and 300 i was obliged to reduce window to 50. And now (>300), even with 5 tables CPU is a 100% (I5 2cores HT, 16 Go RAM) and i need to kill Data modeler in order to cool my PC.


      After the first loading issues I increased the JVM parameters :

      AddVMOption -Xms128m  =>  AddVMOption -Xms512m

      AddVMOption -Xmx800m  => AddVMOption -Xmx1024m


      But nothing changes


      Thank you for your help.


      Michel MN