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    Version vs Scenario

    hyperion start


      A quick question regarding the version and scenario.

      How are they related to each other when it comes to planning? For example, do we need to have same security settings for users when it comes to these dimensions, or we can have any kind of security on these two.

      Any suggestion regarding how to achieve good result in terms of user security in terms of version and scenario?



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          Scenario refers to the type of the data in your application. Actual, Budget, Plan, Forecast

          In general terms, version refers to the changes / revisions. It doesn't generally applies to your Actual but if you look at a Planing cycle, you would keep revising and then reach to a final / approved version. you would rather preserve the multiple versions till it gets approved as it will give you a clear picture of what changes you have done.


          If it comes to security, depends on what type of data is there in your application. Accordingly, in the above scenario you might have to provide write capability to only current working version and keep rest of all read only.


          I worked for a large automotive organization where they have 7 scenarios & 9 versions (including Approved, Final) and we used to have a script that we run to make a particular scenario read-only.


          Hope this information helps




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            hyperion start

            Thanks Amarnath for your reply.

            Meaning, they dont go hand in hand in terms of security/access right?



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              I am not considering the Process Management / Workflow process here

              Well it depends as I said.


              Case #1: If you have multiple versions for each scenario, you would probably don't want users to have write access on all the versions (That would overwrite any version that is finalized).


              If it's just 1 - 1 then both will have the same security. It all depends on what you have in scenario & version


              in My case, I have my users across region & across Business functions. So, I have to categorize my security as Business Functions (Not all business functions will have access to All scenarios) & then Region wise security within each business function


              It all depends on your security design and application design

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                hyperion start

                I got it.