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    Restricting a group/user to provide access only to particular groups in shared services


      Hello Team,

      I have EPM I have created different groups a) "Admin_groupA"  b) "App_groupA" c) "App_groupB" under Native directory . I have provisioned Shared services-> Adminstrator to this "AdmingroupA" . People who belong to this group "AdmingroupA" are able to add new user from Enterprise directory to provide access to the group "App_groupA". But I dont want users from  "Admin_groupA" to provide access to  "App_groupB" .


      Since I provisioned Shared services Adminstrator privelge to this "AdmingroupA" group, users from "AdmingroupA" are able to provide access  "App_groupB" also . Can you please let me know how I can restrict "AdmingroupA"  to provide access to users only to group "App_groupA".


      Thanks for you valuable inputs.