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    Multidimensional operator in left side of the equation


      I'm into debugging old code and optimizing an application.

      Some of the calculations found have a multidimensional operator in the left side of the equation and usually these are out of the FIX.

      I've simplified the code just to make the point.



      IF ((&Year1->"Version01"->"Activation_Account"->"USD"==1)


         "Version03"->"USD_Reports"= "Version01"->  "USD_Reports";

         "Version04"->"USD_Reports"= "Version01"->  "USD_Reports";

          . (Similar combinations follow)







      Remind me, what should be the technical explanation why is this not database efficient?

      I'm thinking about changing the 'versions' to several FIX.


      What would you do?


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          Hello Urbano,

          you could do the

          DATACOPY "Version01" TO "Version03";
          DATACOPY "Version01" TO "Version04";

          and adding the "USD_Reports" into the FIX.

          The main point however is that the DATACOPY is not allowed in the IF statement. You only want to do this, when the condition of the IF statement is met.

          Then the only way is to work with the equation. The blocks must exist, otherwise you need to add the SET CREATEBLOCKONEQ.

          The USD Reports can be added to the FIX anyway - given the example.


          Philip Hulsebosch