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    Error: Include file not found: /AS/sdk/progress/progressRegion.jsff

    Hema Patel

      I have installed 10.3.6 weblogic server and forms and reports 11.1.2 on windows awerver 2008 Rel2.

      After installation I was able to launch EM (http://myapp:7001/em). Then I created windows services for AdminServer,WLS_FORMS AND WLS_REPORTS.

      After creating these window services, I am unable to launch EM(http://myapp:7001/em).

      I launched console and checked the status of em it is "Active" and "OK".

      I get following error while accessing EM.


      Request URI:/em/as/as/wlFarmHome.jspx


      The following exception occurred:
      OracleJSP error:oracle.jsp.parse.JspParseException:
      /as/as/wlFarmHome.jspx: Line # 8, <jsp:directive.include file="/as/sdk/progress/progressRegion.jsff" xmlns:jsp="http://java.sun.com/JSP/Page"/>
      Error: Include file not found: /AS/sdk/progress/progressRegion.jsff


      I tried suggetion in this link http://www.appsdbatraining.com/2013/05/09/request-uriemasaswlfarmhome-jspx/

      it did not work for me.

      Thank you


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          Hi Hema,




          Please take a backup of your environment and try the below steps:




          Edit 'em' application configuration in WebLogic Server (WLS) console to force jsp's recompiling as follows:




          1. Log in to the WLS console,

          2. Under 'Deployments' expand 'em' and click on the '/em' Web Application link

          3. Select the 'Configuration' tab and set the 'JSP Page Check (in seconds):' to 0.


          'JSP Page Check' is the interval (in seconds) at which WebLogic Server checks to see if JSP files have changed and need recompiling.



            The value -1 means never check the pages. This is the default value in a production environment.

            The value 0 means always check the pages.

            The value 1 means check the pages every second. This is the default value in a development environment.


          4. Save the change and 'OK' the save of the resultant Deployment Plan.


          After this change it will be possible to access FMWC without error.









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            Hema Patel

            Hi Sharmela,

            Thank you for your help. It did not work, I still get same error when I launch enterprise manager and after entering userid and password.


            I also forgot to mention about beasvc ClassicDoamin_WLS_REPORTS, this window service I created from the script. I am not able to start this window service also. When try to start this service, I get following message.



            The beasvc ClassicDoamin_WLS_REPORTS service on local Computers started and then stopped. Some services stop automatically if they are not in use by other services or programs.


            Again thank you for your help.