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    My earlier posts in Oracle Mix

    Raja Mohan Ivaturi

      All my earlier posts in Oracle Mix disappeared. How can I retrieve them?

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          Did you go through all the threads in this MIX forum space?

          There are only four of them, so it isn't difficult.


          You would have seen the response in


          where the OTN forums site administrator stated...


          "... We are shutting down mix - only a very small number of people have been using it and it mostly duplicates features that will be available in the new space. We are working on a migration script to pull the content into our new forums soon after launch, so nothing will be lost. "

          That shutdown occurred 31-May-2013.


          That suggests that if you have a specific question on a topic you will need to post it in whichever product-specific forum space might apply.   Whatever old posts that may have existed are now splattered into archived product-specific spaces or may even have been purged permanently.


          I interpret her statement(s) to also mean that you might need to stop thinking that these free public user-to-user OTN forum spaces are the first place to go to discuss a topic.   You may need to start with MOS and log SR's, then secondarily use the MOSC communities.   Leave OTN for last.

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            Raja Mohan Ivaturi


            I saw only 4 threads now but earlier I myself was running more than 4 threads in Oracle Mix. I understand this is no more. I am already MOS and OTM Forums and getting benefit out of it.