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    OBIA migration & upgrade

    Jaco P.

      Hi all,


      Have one question regardin OBIEE & OBIA migration and upgrade.

      Currently we are using:

           - OBIEE

           - OBIA

      Both on HP-UX platform.


      Now we would like to migrate & upgrade to OBIEE on Oracle Linux (preferably 6).

      We managed to upgrade OBIEE from 10g@HP-UX to 11g@Linux6 and I was pretty successful. Everything is working more or less without any problems.


      Now, I would like to migrate old OBIA to this new Linux servers as well.

      What would be the best way to do this?


      - Do you have any suggestions if it is a good idea to install OBIA on Linux 6 although it is not supported..?

      - Should I install OBIA on Linux and then somehow migrate current data & setup from our old servers?

      - Can I just copy current installations to new Linux machines?

      - Is there any possibility to install OBIA on new Linux and then just migrate old date & setup somehow?


      ..for now.