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    Like and comment for content presenter task flow


      HI All,

      is there any way to bring like and comment for content presenter task flow same like we have in document viewer task flow.

      or can we use document viewer with content presenter to provide this functionality.

      we have a portal app already developed where lot of site studio contents (Data File from UCM) are displayed using content presenter.

      e.g. there is a section called 'Featured news' which has Image caurosel with text at bottom (image text all from UCM data file), it is build using content presenter with caurosel template.

      Text is clickable and takes user to detail page which displays full news.(content of data file, again content presenter is used).

      Now customer wants to add like and comment to all views for news.

      please let me know all possibility or guide me towward proper docs.


      note : we dont want to change much implementation of removing content presenter