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    Need to supress budgetary control/encumbrance entries


      We are using budgetary control where the budget is held in projects only (GL budget/integration is not used). All setups needed for funds check are done Note# 1314706.1 (Budgetary Control And Funds Check in Projects R12: A Case Study Using a Non-Integrated Budget ). As per this when budgetary control is enabled then REQ/PO encumbrance must be enabled for the funds check/budgetary control featuer to work.


      Is it possible to supress the budget encumbrance entries and only have the regular standard accrual accounting enrties. Do we have any configuration in SLA or REQ/PO/AP or anywhere else to control this so that we have standard accrual kind of accounting (i.e. NO additional encumbrance enrties) and still have budgetary control of P2P expenses againts project budget.