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    "Restart All" of BI, under Availability->Processes not working in EM, but OBI EE services are being restarted.


      This seems like a synchronization glitch of some sort, but on our remote hosted DR (Disaster Recovery) OBI EE server, when we do RPD deployments and restart the services, the Restart All command seems to work on the server, but Enterprise Manager shows all BI services down, gives error message:


      Supplementary information regarding operation: ORACLE_INSTANCE:-:instance1;FAILED_CONTACTING_OPMN;Failed contacting OPMN, Please check if OPMN process is running. Cannot start or stop components of BI Instance.


      The services restart fine, but EM shows them down, and gives these messages...but only on our remote hosted server.


      Anyone have any thoughts? Thanks in advance for any and all information and support.