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    Slowness after migration to RAC 11gr2


      Hi, we are getting slowness after migrate from ORacle 10gr2 single db to Oracle 11204 oracle rac (standard ed) with asm, on oracle solaris 11. at this momento we have only one node. In the next days we will add  another node.

      When a query run this take too much time if we compare with the old instance. Our RAC is now compose by one node and it has 3 dbs (dwh maximum 4tb, oltp and test db)

      Due to this we are implementing this:

      - we have run default statistics

      - we have rebuilded all indexes.

      - We will execute statistics with 100% for each object.

      - We activate osswbb and stastpack

      We have put almost all the same parameters that we had in the old instance (10g).

      When I see my performance in EM it shows a lot of CPU wait when I digged into the causes it shows a lot of querys about an application schema that requires tunning.

      But there are a lot of them.

      The question is, why those querys in the old instance (10g single db) were works ok? and why in oracle rac 11gr2 don't ??

      Any ideas ??

      thank you.