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    ATG 10.2 Search facets issue


      Hi all,


      We are using ATG 10.2 version with ATG Search and we are getting some strange facets issue.

      Sometimes we go to some category and the facets are displayed correctly, the facet label and values to refine search.  But in sometimes, in the same category, the facets just displays the label and not display values to refine.


      It just occurs in production environment, not development.

      We checked the Search project at BCC, the facets and jsp code and all is ok, because it works correctly most of the time. We also checked the logs and got no errors related with search refinement.


      Has anyone ever experienced this or has any point to help me?


      Thanks in advance.

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          Hi all,


          We found a document at Oracle Support Center to solve this issue, Search Indexing Fails For Post Index Customizations (Doc ID 1526494.1).

          But after follow the document, the problem was still happening.


          We could see that in the component /atg/commerce/search/refinement/ProductCatalogInvalidatorService, two properties was not correctly set: productCatalog and refinementRepository (Oracle document didn't say anything about set these properties).


          After set these values and invoke startService, it worked correctly.