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    JVM - Survivor Space fills up to max


      We have run into an issue, where the survivor space fills up to the max pretty quickly, and things start running very slowly as the day progresses.


      We are using jdk1.6.0_16, and here's the JVM parameters the server runs with:

      -Xms12g -Xmx50g -XX:MaxNewSize=8g -XX:NewSize=4g -XX:SurvivorRatio=6 -XX:MaxPermSize=128M


      Here's how it looked like at one point:

      AttributeMax Value(MB)Committed(MB)Initial(MB)Used(MB)%
      Heap Memory501761598012288639212
      Eden Space738930727389187225
      Survivor Space39951239939999
      Tenured Gen430088192819241209
      Non Heap Memory1761322311163
      Perm Gen128201108869


      I'm not really sure if it's the survivor space that's causing the slowness or nor, but if so, what should I set it to, to get better performance? Or, can I just get rid of it, and let the system handle it.


      Any assistance/insight would be very much appreciated.