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      Dear all,

      I have just installed Primavera P6 Project v8.3 after downloading it from "edelivery" site and I cannot star it because it allways says that I have an invalid username or password.

      I am a beginner with this software I just want to try it during the trial period. Can anybody help me and explain the easiest way to make the program just run?

      I think I have troubles with the database, and linking it to the program. I have try with Oracle database and SQL database following the instructions that came with the downloads, I have used de password that I have created while installing the database, but I don't know if its the one that I should use when I run the Primavera, or its only used to configure the database. And may be my firewall is blocking it as well, but I don't know. I will be using it in a personal laptop.

      I need to follow clear steps starting after having installed the software. Thank you in advance to the community.