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    Managing Followed content in profile not working propery


      For instance:


      1. Open a thread and click Follow. (you are now following the thread)

      2. Click on your username handle and open Content Following.

      3. Locate the tread and click the Actions button (gear wheel)

      4. Click on on Follow


      Interestingly at 4. the status shown should be Following, not Follow. And when selecting Follow, it updates to Following. However, when selecting Following, it does not disable Following as it should - despite that the implementation is stupid. And although it disappears in the view, the thread is still being followed.


      Any news on Why has everything I was following disappeared?

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          I have not tried Following at the level you are describing.  I am using Following on the MOSC place but not at the post level, only on spaces and sub-spaces.  In Preferences I set email All Activity for Followed Activity.


          I have Follow set for My Oracle Support Community and it seems that I am receiving all posts within the MOSC.


          Today I received an email for Re: Maximum Size of a DIMP file in POS system

          cookie crumbs for that post are:

          All Places > My Oracle Support Community > Retail (MOSC) > Retail Point-of-Service Suite (MOSC) > Discussions


          In the above list only My Oracle Support Community shows Following.


          I searched:

          avatar > Places > Following

          for "Retail" and it returned "No results found"


          I remember seeing something about the Follow setting not being inherited but I think I am receiving an email for every post anywhere except for my own posts.


          My normal routine is to save deleted email for 6 to 7 weeks.  Tomorrow I will post a count for the month of February.



          How are you testing whether Follow is working or not?



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            As far as I can tell Following as such is working, but managing and listing followed content in Your Stuff is not. Perhaps it is some bug that was introduced when they enabled Bookmarks.