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    Hiding some items from punchout ?



      We wish to hide some items from a punchout. This punchout is hosted by our supplier.

      What is the best way to do it.


      We are thinking of removing the mapping in e-Commerce Gateway > code Conversion Values.

      We need to hide these items temporarily that is for 2 months and then things will revert back. That is we need to make all the items which are hidden now, visible again.


      What is the easiest way to achieve this.


      In e-Commerce Gateway > code Conversion Values, if we change the Direction column to OUT from the current IN, will that do ?

      When we want to make it visible , we can again set it to IN.


      Please let me know if this works.




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          Hi Briggette,


          The best option is to have the supplier to no display the items in their catalog to your organization, if this is feasible from their side.


          The mapping and the content zone will restrict the items only after the shopping cart is returned to iProcurement, and it will give errors due to the restriction in the checkout. But the users will be able to select the item in the supplier site if they are visible.