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    Default maximum number of connections in Sun Ray


      Hi All,


      I need to know how many users can be supported by Oracle Sun Ray Servers in a single high availability load balance environment using Sun Ray's in-built load balancing and high availability capabilities. SRSS version - latest 5.4.x on Linux. Anyone have any idea on this please ?


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          Hi there,


          How many sessions are you looking to run on each server, and how many servers?


          I've got experience of running upwards of 600 Sun Rays (with a mixture of pseudo (non card) and card sessions so the number of sessions will be considerably higher than 600) per server.


          In a recent implementation we put in around 3500 Sun Rays plus iPads/OVDC connections spread across 6 dedicated physical servers; though this was on Solaris I'd expect similar on Linux.


          Would be good to understand a bit more about your specific environment, what type of session(s) you're using, and what kind of numbers/resources you have available.


          If it's a purely an academic question I apologise for the above noise