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    Oracle RDF graph DB data modeling


      I am wondering how Oracle RDF graph DB modeling the attributes of the node or relationship? Suppose a node (dubject or object) is a person which has a lot of attriubtes, say age, birthdate, ssn, address, etc, it sounds to me Oracle RDF cannot assoicate attriubtes to the node and instead it just models each attribute as a node in the graph. Is it common practice to include so many attributes in the graph database?

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          RDF (and Oracle's RDF offering) in general allows associating as many attributes as you need to nodes in the graph. You are right in saying that those attributes are

          modeled as RDF resources (nodes). This promotes sharing of resources.


          e.g. The first two triples associate the same street resource with two individuals. The third triple

          provides some descriptive information about this street resource.


          <urn:John>  <urn:livesOnStreet>  <urn:StreetXYZ>

          <urn:Mary>  <urn:livesOnStreet>  <urn:StreetXYZ>

          <urn:StreetXYZ>  rdfs:comment  "Sunset Rd. .... "


          It is usually up to an application to determine how many attributes to use. The underlying RDF graph model supports

          multiple attributes and Oracle's RDF implementation supports multiple attributes.


          It is also possible to store attributes in a separate relational table and use a SQL to join the graph query results

          with your relational data.


          Hope it helps,

          Zhe Wu