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    How to change agent from cluster mode to local mode?

    Xiaogang Zheng



      The cluster has two nodes. The agent on one node works fine but another one has problem.

      I try to reconfigure the one that has problem. I have cleaned all states and create an new empty targets.xml file like:


      <Targets AGENT_SEED="agentSeed from %ORACLE_HOME/sysman/config/emd.properties">

          <Target TYPE="oracle_emd" NAME="hostname and port from emd.properties EMD_URL"/>

          <Target TYPE="host" NAME="hostname as it appears in the EMD_URL"/>



      Then I start command "$ORACLE_HOME/bin/agentca -f -t", it shows:

      "For the Cluster agent passing of cluster nodes at the command line using -c option is mandatory"


      I want to configure it locally.


      How to do that?