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    URI for the ID property


      I need to model an ID property for a person. I try to find which W3C standard URI for ID. I checked RDF/RDFS, OWL, FOAF. Just cannot find a good one. Any suggestion?


      Also anytime to model a property, as I understand we should try to use standard URI first instead of defining our own. But what is the best way to find a standard URI? There are so mnay standard out there!



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          It is great that you took the trouble trying to find & reuse existing URIs.


          You can take a look at FOAF Vocabulary Specification

          Over there, you will find ID-like definitions including







          There are many well maintained, well curated vocabularies/ontologies on the web.

          One way to look for things is to download the relevant ontologies, open them up

          in an ontology editor like Protege (or a simple text editor), and look for things you need.


          You can also check the public SPARQL endpoints. The problem is that there are

          many of them

          SparqlEndpoints - W3C Wiki


          Hope it helps,


          Zhe Wu

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            Thanks for the advice. It looks not trivial to find standard vocabularies. Hope Oracle can collect them and publish somewhere for convenience. What if we missed some standard one, let's say foaf:name property, instead we define our own  <http://www.mycomp.com/name>, what is the impact?

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              You are right. It is sometimes very hard to find all the relevant vocabularies. In those situations,

              it is totally OK to define your own. Later on, if you find more appropriate vocabularies, you can

              either change your data or add a "bridge."


              For example, assume you have been using mycomp:name as the predicate and later you find

              that foaf:name is a better choice. You can declare these two are equivalent by adding an assertion

              as follows.


              mycomp:name   owl:equivalentProperty    foaf:name .


              Hope it helps,


              Zhe Wu