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    Not able to reset lost password of a connection in Sql Developer


      Hi All ,

          I had created a user in sql developer, now when I am trying to connect to that user - I am getting ' ORA-01017:Invalid username/password;logon denied'.

          - I tried to change the password using 'alter user username identified by new_password;' command  from SYS account. Problem is - the connection name is XXX and the username is SYSTEM (the same as the usename of the admin account).

          - I checked in dba_users account to check the user information of the connection , but I am  able to see only one row with SYSTEM username which is for the admin user account. So I am not even able to see the tablespace information for the connection I am trying to reset the password.



          Is there any way we can reset the password of the account/connection? It will be a great help if some one could guide me in solving this issue.