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    Oracle 11g Express+SQL Developer Redraw Problems.


      Hello Everyone,


      When i open SQL Developer all the menus and other stuff disappear and re-appear and i can't click on them. I tried the sqldeveloper.conf trick which did not work at all. I have a SLI system with two 660 TIs. I tried to use Linux versions and i tried different OS'es.

      I have proper versions for proper systems. (32 bit for 32 bit,64 bit for 64 bit )


      You can see what i mean in these pictures.

      Picture 1-imgur: the simple image sharer


      Picture 2-imgur: the simple image sharer


      Picture 3- imgur: the simple image sharer


      When these things happen. I don't see any stutter,slowdowns in the rest of the things that going in the background. My CPU is i7-3820 and i have 16 gb's of DDR3.


      Any help and ideas are appriciated.