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    Scheduling OWB Process Flow


      I see in OWB where you define a calendar and associate a process flow with a calendar. However for 4 calendar’s that have process flows associated with them I see that the process flow is running but according to the calendars they can never run. This leads me to believe that there is another mechanism to  schedule a process flow. For example LOAD_NDW_CAL runs the LOAD_NDW_PARALLEL_INFO flow but according to the calendar there is an end date and on the right where you normally see the next run dates it shows ‘No Possible Run Dates for this Calendar’. Therefor something else has to be triggering some of these process flows. Is there another mechanism that over-rides he calander?


      LOAD_MON_CAL                              Frequency Monthly, Repeat every 24 Months, Next run date 3/1/2015

      LOAD_NDW_MON_CAL                 Frequency 25 Months, Next run date 4/1/2015

      LOAD_NDW_CAL                              No Possible Run Dates for this Calendar

      LOAD_NDW_SAP_CAL                   No Possible Run Dates for this calendar