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    FRM-40735: WHEN-BUTTON-PRESSED trigger raised unhandled exception ORA-106561


      I m working on Fusion Middleware forms 11g with windows plateform. I want to launch an exe (like notepad.exe) from my form on button click, which i m doing using the webutil dde.app_begin. My form is deployed on server, and i want to launch this application from client. The server is on linux. Now when i press the button it gives me error "FRM-40735: WHEN-BUTTON-PRESSED trigger raised unhandled exception ORA-106561". Here is my code:



      AppID    PLS_INTEGER;


      AppID := DDE.App_Begin('notepad.exe',DDE.App_Mode_Normal);



      Any help will be highly appreciable. Also, please tell me for any possibility, if i can call this exe from server, which is on linux.