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    Timestamp bug still not fixed in


      The bug when displaying timestamps is still not fixed in version  I reported this bug on january 7th. The seconds of timestamps are sometimes not correct.


      Here is a little testing scenario:


      CREATE TABLE demo (a TIMESTAMP(6) );

      INSERT INTO demo a VALUES( TO_TIMESTAMP( '0187-01-31-15.03.16,309113', 'yyyy-mm-dd-hh24.mi.ss,ff6' ) );

      INSERT INTO demo a VALUES( TO_TIMESTAMP( '0187-01-31-15.03.17,309113', 'yyyy-mm-dd-hh24.mi.ss,ff6' ) );

      SELECT a, TO_CHAR( a, 'yyyy-mm-dd-hh24.mi.ss,ff6' ) FROM demo;


      My result is (of course depending on the NLS preferences:




      This bug does not occur in version 3 of SQL Developer. The result now differs from the result with version, but it is still not correct.


      Can someone please confirm this bug?