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    Failed to logon workspace using a MSAD user after new installation/configuration of EMP


      I installed EPM11.1.2.3 (for Planning) in a distribution environment on Windows 2008 R2 following the standard deployment procedures. After configuration of user directory using MSAD in shared services, I cannot logon the Hypeiron using any MSAD user account.


      Following is the error message from the logon screen:

      URI: http://sny-server/workspace/logon

      Code: -1

      Description: An error occurred processing the result from the server.



      Following log entry is from framework.log:


      [2014-03-03T14:54:51.480-08:00] [EPMServer0] [ERROR] [02601] [oracle.bi.bifndnepm.bpmui.logon.LogonServlet] [tid: 45] [userId: <anonymous>] [ecid: 0000KIAA2Wq8Pt^5xVXBiW1J57mF0000C1,0] [APP: WORKSPACE#] [SRC_CLASS: com.hyperion.bpm.logon.LogonServlet] [SRC_METHOD: logon:211] Failed to logon to the system due to something unexpected.


      There is no log updated for shared service and workspce.


      I have been working with Oracle support for several days but no solution yet.


      Any expert can help?