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    Grey connection names


      Hi all,


      does anybody know the reason why some of the connection names shown in (light) gray? It can be seen alike in Connections tab and the "Select connection" drop-down.

      It's a new "feature" of SQLDev v4.Prod releases (or at least I don't remember seeing it neither in v3 nor in v4.EA): I've tested it with and

      The enviroment includes Win7(x64) with Java 1.7.0_45, and since I also use third-party drivers (to connect to MS/MyS) and they look the same (ie. some of them shown in black and others in grey) I don't think it's related to the ora client version (which is InstantClient



      Zsolt Mago.

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          Jim Smith

          This is related to the ability to define a colour for connections.  The colour affects the connection name in the navigator and the connections windows have a thin border of that colour.


          I also have some set to Grey although I never explicitly set the colour.  You can change the colour in the connection properties screen, next to the save password check box.