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    Error when opening a LOV in custom web ADI


      Hello Experts,


      We have create an web ADI integrator and added some fields and associated LOV with it. But when defining the where clause a wrong SQL was written. Using "bne_integrator_utils.create_table_lov" we have rectified the SQL statement. But when accessing the LOV in Excel it gives the following error -

      The following error has occurred Exception Name: oracle.apps.bne.exception.BneSQLException - Cannot execute SQL Statement. Cause: A low level API call failed. Action: Please note this error to your support representative. Statement: SELECT RECEIPT_NUM,RECEIPT_NUM,RECEIPT_NUM FROM rcv_shipment_headers rsh WHERE EXISTS (SELECT shipment_header_id FROM rcv_supply WHERE shipment_header_id = rsh.shipment_header_id and to_organization_id =(select ORGANIZATION_ID from org_organization_definitions where operating_unit in(select ORGANIZATION_ID from hr_operating_units where set_of_books_id = :BNETR1 ))) ORDER BY 1 Bind values used in SQL statement: 2021 Log File Bookmark: 205952


      Where as the statement used here is not the correct statement.


      Thanks in advance.