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    Push Data to ASO using Smart View


      Hi All,

      I am facing a wierd issue while trying to push data to ASO using Smart View. I am not sure if this is specific to SV or Essbase. For test purpose I used sample ASO app which comes with Essbase installation

      Problem :

      1. Bring all Level 0 accounts on to rows and months on columns

      2. Select all level zero members from each dimension in POV


      Now if you try to push data to "Original Price" and it gets submitted correctly but if I try to push data to formula member "Avg Units/transaction", the value gets assigned to Transactions (member just above formula member)

      Now if we remove transactions from there, then whichever is the nearest non-formula member, its value gets overwritten with value.


      Question: Why is the value getting assigned to nearest non-formula member. If I push data to formula member, it should get ignored and not assigned to nearest non-formula member


      Observation1 : This behavior is observed in and not with

      Observation 2: If I try to push data ( two diff values) to both Transactions (nearest non formula member) and Avg Units/Transaction (formula member) then it prompts Essbase error 1270089: Data load failed: input contains different values for same cell


      Can anyone please provide some explanation or have encountered similar issue ?