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    Write Back only works when a columns is updated.




      We have Write Back enabled in one of our request.  The request is simple, we just have 3 columns (AV_MONTH, a hidden column with the User() name function, and APPR1_NAME). We display only current month (then only 1 row).  The user does not update any value in any column.  He just click on the button and the xml executes the statement below to update the appr1_name column with the User() value for the corresponding month.



      UPDATE MONTHLY_APPROVAL SET APPR1_STATUS=1 ,APPR1_NAME='@{c1}' WHERE AV_MONTH=to_date('@{c0}','yyyy-mm-dd hh24:mi:ss')

      This has been working fine in in BI (Build 080726.1900) but now we're migrating this to (Build 100319.0954) and it has stopped working.

      The xml is executing the update statement only if we update the hidden column.


      For example, In My request I see


      Feb-2014 | John. Doe | <blank>


      The first column is the month in the table.

      Second column is the function User().  This is the name of the user logged in that we're using to update the username(APPR1_name) in the table

      and the last column is black since we have not updated the user name in the table yet.


      If I click the button the update statement in the xml is not executed.

      But if I change John.Doe by John.Do then the xml detects the column was updated and then it executes the update statement.


      The issue is that the user is not supposed to update any column.

      Please any help will be appreciated.  Also, is there any log file for Write Back?