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    Blanket Purchase agreement in R12


      Hi All,


      I have a question with regards to Blanket Purchase Agreement used in iprocurement


      I have created a BPA (Global) and i am able to see it in iProcurement when i am querying the items which are in BPA.


      I am also able to see a BPA (which is not global) in iProcurement.


      But is it possible to attach a BPA (global or not) to a smart form?


      When i create a smart form and in the Contract Number field i am able to only see a contract PO and not a BPA.


      The purpose is the client wants to create a store specifically for some items which are on a BPA. How can i achieve this?




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          Hi Jai,


          Smart form is for non catalog items (one time items), and we can't associate the BPA. However, you can use the content zone to restrict the items, categories or suppliers from the BPA and assign to a store.  Also, the content zone can be restricted by operating unit or responsibility.   




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            Hi Clarina,


            Currently i am using a content zone, to restrict the users with respect to OU, but i was wondering if i could as well use a BPA to restrict it for the store. If i have to restrict the categories, then i will have to add at least 10 categories and i thought it would be better by just having a BPA attached to a store somehow.


            Thanks for your reply anyways.