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    I am a confused newbie :-(


      I am new to installing Oracle database on my home PC (I have MySQL installed already).

      I've managed to install 11G XE as well as install (unpack, really) SQL Developer.


      Now I am confused at what I have. This will probably sound extremely stupid, but let's agree there are no stupid questions, especially from total beginners, so:


      For example, on the desktop I have an icon named "Get Started With Oracle Database 11g Express Edition".

      When I double click on it and log in with SYSTEM and my password, I come to a page where I can check Storage, Sessions, Parameters, and Application Express.

      What is this and what is this useful for?


      What is port 8080 and how is it different from port 1521 that I see when I try to create a new connection in my SQL Developer GUI?


      In the subfolder "C:\oraclexe\app\oracle\product\11.2.0\server" I have internet shortcuts to "Get_started", "Online_forum" (that is how I got here), "Online_help" as well as "Database_homepage". When I tried to open "Online_help" and "Database_homepage" I got log-in popups saying "The server requires a username and password. The server says: XDB", but I cannot log in no matter how I try (first of all I tried SYSTEM user with the password, as for Get Started shortcut). What are these pages and how can I log in?


      It is all so complicated. Help, please.