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    What is standard replacement of "a4j:jsFunction" in JSF 2.0?


      Hello Friends,

      I am new to JSF 2.0.

      My current project is build on JSF 1.3 and richfaces 3.3 and we are trying to migrate JSF 2.0.

      Due to some limitation we are not able to use Richfaces 3.3 or 4.o or any third party tools or library.

      In my project there is lot of use of "a4j:jsFunction data="action" oncomplete="JavaScriptFunction(data);"

      I want to remove this type of "a4j:jsFunction" with "h:commandButton" or any jsf 2.0 standard mechanism. I am not able to find out best way to call Bean function which return some value and assign this return value to JavaScript function.

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          I don't think you can; the best I know of is the f:ajax tag with its onevent attribute, but I don't think you can pass along parameters that way. There is a reason to use Richfaces or any other extension framework you know; they add plenty of functionality that is missing from core JSF. I would work on it to remove those limitations rather than making your life really difficult, I wouldn't want to use JSF 2.x without Primefaces myself.