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    Using NFS for RAC shared storage




      I am intending to set up a 2 node RAC. However I only have internal disk to use and no NAS /SAN. So I am intending to share some of the spare capacity I have on the internal disks of nodes 1 & 2 and make it shared storage through the use of NFS. However I have some queries on this.


      Q1. Since the NFS mount will be in effect be file system mounts, does this mean that for the Storage option for the Cluster and the RAC database that I can only use the option 'Shared File system' and not 'ASM' ?


      I think what is confusing me is that I believe I have read that ASM Disks can be complete physical disks, partitions of a disk, SAN LUN's or NFS ?


      If that is the case then it would suggest that I can create an ASM Disk based on an NFS mount ?


      I am not sure how to do that - any help / advice would be appreciated because ideally I would prefer creating some ASM Candidate Disks that are based on shared NFS disk