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    Probleme with a Date_popup


      Hello all,


      I have a probleme with an interactive report.


      select art_id ART_ID, poc_id POC_ID



      I execute the page and If i want to modify the value in the date popup of the a line (the fourth for exemple).

      I chose the date but it's not the line than I chose who is modified but the first line.


      I've already try to use (a friend said me to try that) this  :select art_id ART_ID, poc_id POC_ID

      apex_item.hidden(1,poc_id)||APEX_ITEM.DATE_POPUP(2,rownum,PIL_DA_PREMIER_PLAN_ACTION,'dd-mon-yyyy') PIL_DA_PREMIER_PLAN_ACTION from TEPOA_PILOTAGE@dkey

      but it doesn't compile.

      I have the error ·         The report query needs a unique key to identify each row. The supplied key cannot be used for this query. Please edit the report attributes to define a unique key column. ORA-01446: cannot select ROWID from, or sample, a view with DISTINCT, GROUP BY, etc.