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    iSetup new custom interface using BC4J/java class

    Anil Bejugam



      I am able to create new custom interface using the link :- How to setup an user to be Oracle iSetup Super user ? but I have not seen anything for BC4J filter set, as per oracle iSetup developer guide clearly explains step by step process how to create custom BC4J interface type, but they have not mention how to add filters, as per oracle developer guide we have to use 'iSetup Framework' for BC4J, if we select type as 'iSetup Framework' then we don't have option to add filter parameters.


      Any idea how to see existing  iSetup interface repository values, Search shows the result, but we can't go in details? any idea to see this?


      Oracle have good interface repository but most of them does not have option to filter, and  update so I want to customize them by adding new interfaces with filterable and update option