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      Hi guys,

      I see you have released new version of Developer and have introduced planty of new bugs. Because I am tired of reporting bugs without any adequate response, I would like to limit the list just to several bugs this time.


      1) When migrating from 3.2.20 to latest version and even when I check to overtake the settings from old version, Anti Aliasing setting isn't preserved. I 3.2 I have Code Editor - Display - Enable Text Anti Aliasing option turned off, after migration it was on.


      2) You have changed searching. The change is more or less ok, but you have introduced a bug in it. When selecting something (e.g. a function name) press Ctrl + F, then press UP arrow. Normally it should search up and move to previous occurance. However, very often instead of going to previous occurance, it returns you current occurance - very frustrating.


      3) Earlier when you were searching through the code like described in 2) when you hit the beginning of the file you got information that you hit the beginning of the file and you must press UP again to search from botton. Same behavior when searching down. How can I restore this functionality in new Developer?


      4) What have you done to bookmarks? You have made them almost unusable for me. In the old Developer, there is setting Code Editor - Bookmarks. This setting is gone from new version. In the old version I always had unchecked both bookmarks options - meaning I wanted to have bookmarks still there when reopening the Developer. Now when bookmarking a source in the database, reopen the Developer, the bookmark is still there, but only like :abcd where "abcd" is line number. Bookmark is of course not working.


      5) Drag & Drop - another loss of functionality here. Check how this worked in version 3.2 and how it "works" now. Try this: open some connection, open some table and now try to open some file from hard drive by draging it over the Developer - doesn't work. Drag & Drop now works only when you release the dragged file on editor, but not on the panel or on the window with table.


      6) Now it is possible to change the order of opened tabs - this is great, however before new tabs were opened immediately after currently active tab. Now, new tabs are opened at the end. How can I restore old behavior, so new tabs are opened after currently active tab?

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          If you want adequate response on bug reporting, please use My Oracle Support. The Forums are NOT a replacement for support.


          That being said, I and a few others on the dev team do try to monitor these forums to help the community as much as we can, and we do appreciate your input. There's no room here for being rude though.


          Please post your issues, one per thread. Otherwise it's impossible to follow through with responses.

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            Ok, I have finally found some time to report the bugs. Lets see how quickly you can fix them without creating new ones.