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    Apex 4.2 Templates customization


      Hey there,


      i'm new with Apex 4.2. I have installed the oracle Xe and startet to create a App. At the moment i want to customize my page templates. The default templates aren't the right look for my app. design.

      I read a lot of thing, but i can't found a tutorial for customization. Someone knew a site where i can find such a tutorial?




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          I have asked this very question a gazillion times and I can tell you right now...you won't find a tutorial.  Even taking a class, and paying for it, doesn't help much with the answer.  What I believe the answer is (and I could be wrong) is to first have a strong background in HTML and CSS styles.  Then, pick a default template that comes 'close' with respect to region layout.  Next thing is to go to the template definition and do a COPY of literally EVERYTHING...give them all new names.  Then you get the arduous task of editing each of the template subpieces until you have something satisfying.


          Personally, I hope I'm wrong about this.  It would be nice if there were a Template Building wizard in APEX.