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    Aliasing Essbase Server Name using SmartViewProviders.xml


      So I have successfully configured an environment using the new SmartViewProviders.xml functionality, with one minor issue.


      My hope was that I could use one .xml file to contain all connection info (dev,test,prod). I wanted to achieve this by editing the Server name parameter in the XML file.




      -<res_GetProvisionedDataSources> \

      -<Product displayVersion="" name="APS-11.1.2" id="APS"> <Server name="Essbase - Test" context="http://servername:13080/aps/SmartView"/> </Product>

      -<Product displayVersion="" name="HFM-11.1.2" id="HFM"> <Server name="HFM - Test" context="http://servername:19000/hfmadf/../hfmofficeprovider/HFMOfficeProvider.aspx"/> </Product> -<Product displayVersion="" name="HP-11.1.2" id="HP"> <Server name="Planning - Test" context="http://servername:19000/HyperionPlanning/SmartView"/> </Product></res_GetProvisionedDataSources>

      When a user connects via SV, the servername property is returned in the drop down e.g. Planning-Test. This works for HFM and Planning, but NOT for Essbase. Essbase always returns Oracle® Essbase. Does anyone know how to change that? I assume it must be getting it from APS, but I do not see a clear place to change the reference.


      Any help appreciated,