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    t2cSetSessionTimeZone error on SQLDeveloper 1.5.5


      I'm migrating to Win 7 from XP, running against 10g1 and 11gR2 instances.  My SqlDeveloper 1.5.5 (which I like so much better for coding than any of the later versions) worked at first, but now I'm getting an error t2cSetSessionTimeZone error on any attempt to connect to a DB.  I don't know what changes might have caused this (there were changes by network admins that were made to correct connection problems from Oracle Forms, and to correct network access issues) but they were over a period days.  Before I start over with the PC, does anyone have any experience with this error? 


      Any help would really be appreciated!

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          Gary Graham-Oracle



          A couple of approaches are possible here if you really do not wish all the (very substantial) benefits of upgrading:

          1. Make sure Tools > Preferences > Database > Advanced Parameters > Use OCI/Thick driver is unchecked

          2. If you require OCI/Thick, the OJDBC driver version SQL Developer should use is from Oracle client in PATH var.


          I believe SQL Developer 1.5.5 ships with only a jdbc\lib\ojdbc5.jar.  It will attempt to find an ojdbc jar that comes from an installed Oracle client, but often won't pick up the correct version.  For example, on my Win 7 system, if my PATH var points to the full oracle client, I can connect with OCI/Thick enable.  If I switch PATH to point an an instant client, however, SQL Developer still finds the ojdbc driver (see Help > About > Properties > jdbc.library value) and I get the t2cSetSessionTimeZone error when using OCI/Thick.  One option is to copy the client's ojdbc6.jar into the SQL Developer jdbc\lib directory and start SQL Developer from a bat file where the Oracle home is set as 1.5.5's top level sqldeveloper directory.


          Good luck (but I strongly recommend upgrading!),


          SQL Developer Team


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