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    Dynamic Layout on Edit Customer page

    Max Prestes

          Hi, I need to customize Edit Customer page so that when the value of Line Of Business is "A", some fields should hide and some others should show, and when the value of Line Of Business is "B", those hidden fields should appear and some fields should hide.


      I've seen some documentation about customization, but I couldn't do what I need so far. The documents always say to use the Oracle Composer (Administration > Customize Customers Page), then click on "Select" on the left-upper corner, then click on the desired component and "Edit Component". There, I should be able to write some groovy expression on Expression Builder to indicate whether to hide or show the component, based on another field's value.


      My problem is that the options in the menu is always inaccessible! I have a print, but I don't know if I can attach it here neiter how to attach it....


      Does anybody have any idea of how to accomplish this? Is there any other way to do this type of customization?




      Any help would be appreciated...